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Message from our Managing Director

"We really care about IT, software and security. It's not just our job - it's our passion. Our fast-moving industry brings constant fresh challenges and opportunities for organisations of all types. We explore the issues you face and find answers that will work for your competitive advantage. We've only done our job when you've achieved your business goals."

Jack Watson

Managing Director, Bytes Software Services 




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Dedicated to our people

Bytes has long achieved recognition for our corporate social responsibility and working environment. Our team is the most important asset we have, so we ensure they are supported and rewarded for their hard work.

In 2023 we were proud to once again be 'Great Place to Work' Certified. This firmly establishes us as an enjoyable, healthy and ethical workplace. People are happy working here and this resonates throughout the company. 

Committed to our community

Bytes is a big business. But we also have a big heart. We believe in giving back to our community. Our staff regularly participate in events or volunteer for charity. We've also contributed to many good causes locally.

Another way we give back is by reducing our environmental impact. We recognise that our operations could result in waste, energy consumption and emissions. To combat this, we have strong sustainability policies in place and commit to cutting our carbon footprint wherever possible.

CSR policy

Careers to be proud of

Our purpose as a Bytes community is to grow great people, to deliver amazing things.
We provide clear goals, growth opportunities and meaningful work. We believe our culture is one of the few sustainable competitive advantages any company can have today.

Everyone at Bytes is equally responsible for supporting, challenging, and improving an environment that drives customer success. We coach and develop our people to learn and think faster than their environment, so we can play a starring role in a new era of digital technology that will redefine every aspect of work and life. The future isn’t about tomorrow, it’s already here...