Amazon Web Services for Cloud Computing

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is helping businesses scale and grow. You can build flexible, reliable and scalable applications with their offering of compute power, content delivery, database storage and other functionality.

We’re one of the fastest growing AWS Advanced partners, but we look for optimisation everywhere — not just within the public cloud. That means you can keep your cloud strategy in perfect harmony with the rest of your IT and the business, so everything is headed in the right direction.

We can help your business achieve its goals

AWS Workloads Migration Services

  • Migrate from on any cloud or on-premise Data Centre to AWS
  • Support in applying for and managing funding

AWS After Care Support Services

  • TaaS Support (Technical Architect as a Service) hours
  • Ongoing support and assistance with architectural requirements

AWS SPOT Managed Services

  • Save up to 80% on workloads compared to on-demand costs
  • Maintain 99.99% uptime SLA’s with full 24x7 support

AWS Optimisation Services

  • Proactive service that saves up to 30% on cloud spend
  • Cost neutral as all savings outweigh any ongoing costs

Future focused services

  • Take out the guess work from delivering various projects
  • R&D, Service Design, application deployment CI/CD pipeline design
  • Workshops, Application Factory (understanding what will work or not in AWS), Proof of Concepts, Build, Documentation and Training/aftercare services
  • Access to unique funding programmes from AWS

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