Modernise Your Procurement Experience via AWS and Azure Marketplaces

Streamline your purchasing process and gain access to a wide array of cloud-based solutions and services through Bytes Software Services. With AWS and Azure, you can optimize procurement by automating workflows, ensuring cost efficiency, and enhancing compliance.

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Why Bytes for Cloud Marketplaces

Cloud marketplaces are becoming increasingly vital for discovering, testing, and deploying applications that run your organisation. They also play a crucial role in contracting and managing software agreements.

Our strong relationships with all major hyperscalers and top-tier strategic vendors ensure that we can guide you effectively. Whether you are considering traditional procurement methods or exploring cloud marketplaces, Bytes is here to help you modernise your strategy and engage with trusted hyperscalers. 

Partnering for Success

Complex technologies demand expert guidance.

Let's leverage our technological expertise to provide exceptional value, ensuring you succeed in your marketplace journey.

We’re certified to give you a holistic view of your entire software estate and advise you on the best-fit software solutions for your business.

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Bytes extensive network of over 1,000 vendors, nurtured and forged through four decades of strategic partnerships and trusted relationships.

Leverage our expertise to seamlessly access top-tier solutions, industry-leading knowledge and preferential pricing, all made possible by our robust affiliations and accreditation levels

Digital Procurement Advisory Services

At Bytes Software Services, we're committed to your success in the cloud. Our Procurement Advisory Services are designed to empower your organisation at every stage of your journey.

Count on Bytes Software Services to be your trusted partner, guiding you toward procurement excellence in the cloud.

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A Guide to Intelligent Procurement

We've put together this guide to explain, in simple terms, everything you need to know about Intelligent Procurement, Cloud Marketplace and Microsoft contracts and renewals with Bytes.

You will find out how Bytes can help you prepare for the future of intelligent procurement, and the support we can offer with the technologies your organisation invests in.

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Marketplace's Explained - Webinar

Both Cloud Marketplace's makes it easy to buy and manage the apps that modernise your entire software estate. You get access to a curated, digital catalogue of up to 10,000+ verified, ready-to-run solutions from 1,600+ ISVs, all designed to help transform your business.

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