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Rebooting Identity: A Journey from the Past to the Present

Join us for a fireside chat between our Bytes Cyber Security Solutions Specialists, Christian Sullivan and Toby Noble, as they delve into the evolution of digital identity and its impact on security in our increasingly connected world.

Agenda Highlights:

  • You Are the Weakest Link
    • Explore how a staggering 91% of threats originate from emails
    • Discuss strategies for a Layered Security Approach that can fortify your organisation’s defences.
  • The First Line of Defence
    • Discover how User Awareness Training can proactively educate users, enhancing their awareness and turning them into an asset rather than a liability in your cyber security framework.
  • The Importance of Privilege
    • Learn about the critical role of Identity Provisioning for both business users and administrators, focusing on limiting access rights as a means of damage control and preventing unauthorised access.

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ON24 Webinar

Thursday 27th June
14:30pm - 15:15pm

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