Essential Guide to Zero Trust

Today’s organisations require a security model that effectively adapts to the complexity of the modern environment, embraces the hybrid workplace, and protects people, devices, apps, and data wherever they’re located.

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Discover a Smart Approach to Security

By implementing Zero Trust, you can reduce risk, build trust, and improve protection across your identities, devices, applications, data, infrastructure, and networks.

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Bytes Zero Trust Team

Meet our superstar team of specialists that are here to help you create, implement and manage your Zero Trust security strategy.

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Secure Digital Transformation

Building Zero Trust Foundations enables your organisation to:

  • Modernise Identity and Endpoint Management

  • Secure the Hybrid Workforce

  • Transform Employee Experiences

  • Customise Secure Access for All User Types

Zero Trust in 2023 - Live Event

Join Bytes, Mimecast, CrowdStrike and Okta for our exclusive CTO hosted Summertime Luncheon at the Iconic Aqua Shard on Tuesday 27th June.

Be part of a never-seen-before CTO Panel + Question Time where Zero Trust insights, guidance and explorations will be unpacked & discussed, then enjoy a private dining experience whilst admiring London’s spectacular skyline.

This luncheon will include a Special Guest Appearance from Lesley Kipling, Microsoft Chief Security Advisor.

Agenda – Full details on Discussion Points to be Shared in Mid-May

  • 12pm – Welcome Drinks + Canapes
  • 12:30 – CTO Panel Discussion + Question Time
  • 1:30pm – Private Dining Experience
  • 2:30pm – Customer Keynote
  • 3pm – Desert + Closing Comments
  • 3:30pm – Luncheon End
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The New Edge - Animation Video

Our latest Cyber Security Animation Explainer Video is here!

Discover how to transform & optimise your Cyber Security strategy by embracing The New Edge.

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Welcome to the Bytesize Technology podcast! 

Check out our a live audience podcast where Bytes CTO, David Rawle, and Okta CTO, Philip Hoyer, provide valuable insights and guidance on all things Identity & Zero Trust. Watch the full podcast here:

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The ever-evolving Cyber Threat landscape requires all organisations to establish & maintain a resilient, agile & optimised Cyber strategy. The Bytes in-house team of experts provide tailored guidance & support across all areas of Security - ensuring your organisation is ready for anything and everything.

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Mimecast's Take on Zero Trust Security

It can handle Complexity...

  • Today’s hybrid and multicloud operations are becoming increasingly complex. The demands of agile operations require the ability to pivot and migrate data among environments quickly and securely, and by establishing a zero trust framework, an organization can protect its assets, whether they are held on-premises, in the cloud or in hybrid environments. 

It can handle Regulation...

  • With the growth of cybersecurity laws and regulations, organizations are increasingly under pressure to prove they are properly securing personal information held in their networks. Zero trust, as its name implies, fills the bill, even as regulators add more security requirements.  
  • Additionally, in heavily regulated sectors such as financial services, defense contracting and healthcare, data security concerns are exploding along with the size of the data stores most organizations are now maintaining. 

It can handle Partnerships...

  • Supply chain attacks have become a concern for a reason: More businesses are giving vendors and partners access to their networks, which increases their vulnerability to attacks such as ransomware or denial of service (DoS) channeled through those companies.
  • Small businesses, which may not have the resources to maintain strong security, are particularly vulnerable to becoming unwitting partners of cybercriminals and facilitating attacks on larger, more profitable targets. Establishing a zero trust framework puts those vulnerable partners in a stronger defensive position. 

Cyber Security Trends 2023

Got some time to spare on your commute? Keen to learn about the latest trends and priorities that are leading the way for Cyber Security this year?

Check out our latest Cyber Security Market Report which explores the key challenges, leading trends & main priorities that are shaping the Cyber space in 2023.



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Our 2023 series of Blogs is here! Delve into the latest software updates and trends from Bytes and our partners. 

Each month we release a topical and thought-provoking blog on something you and your business should be aware of. Our Cyber Security experts are ahead of the curve - so you'll hear it from us first.

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Ready for next steps?

Embracing Zero Trust as part of your Cyber Security strategy can be daunting. Establishing where and how to begin can be tough.

To support our clients in their journey to a modern security architecture with Zero Trust, Bytes have created the Zero Trust Overview.

Delivered by our agnostic in-house specialists, you’ll receive tailored guidance & support - shaped around your organisations environment – to ensure your Zero Trust Journey is the best it can be.

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Application & Risk

Secure your Applications wherever they're located.


Firewall Health Check

Maintain optimised Firewall health to defend against threats. 


CIS Gap Analysis

Identify areas for improvement & optimisation.


Lifecycle Assessment

Build a modernised security strategy. 


Cloud Security Snapshot

Protect your Cloud without compromising user experience.


Email Resilience

Combat phishing attacks, improve your email resiliency. 



Ensure maximum endpoint protection across all devices. 


Enterprise Networking

Optimise your approach to Network Security.